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We think (and over-think) about important stuff like wasteful practices and overkill on the bells and whistles. So we keep it clean and easy. After choosing your base pack you can add additional unpackaged extras to your order and make your bundle great value. Or check out our multipack specials and get a few friends on board at the same time! #ZeroWasteHero

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Save more than just the planet with an Apiwraps subscription. Exclusively low price, latest designs, and your first pack is sent to you today!

It’s our way of making Apiwraps accessible and convenient for every home.

The Apiwraps Club is great because you get a surprise every time, I don't know which sizes I need, so it's great getting a variety of sizes and colours! And it's only $9! You can't go wrong with that!
Katherine |
Sydney, NSW

You want to do all the right things. Have all the freshest healthiest food, the plastic-free, no-waste nude lunchboxes and BPA-free goodness your family deserves… it’s a mine-field out there! That’s why we’ve found the simple food storage our great-grandmothers used – made it beautiful and modern – and they’re reusable for well over a year.

Apiwraps Beeswax Food Wraps are here to keep your leftovers fresh, your veggies bursting with nutrients and your sandwiches chemical free. They come in Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes, ready to wrap everything from avocados to bread dough to celery.