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Three large Apiwraps ready to get your lunch boxes on track and waste free. The large Apiwraps are our most popular size and that’s why we have a pack of them ready to go directly into use in your home. Use them for sandwiches, wrapping big blocks of cheese, covering salad bowls and more.


Zero waste lunch boxes are the best thing that ever happened to school lunch! Using our reusable lunch wraps every day means no more cling wrap or ziplock bags. Ever. You can teaching your children how to take care of the environment by creating less waste, and eating healthy food at the same time. It’s a win for everyone!

We’ve designed the Lunch Call Pack especially for busy families. It includes three large beeswax wraps, just the right size for sandwiches and wraps. Meaning your lunch boxes will be waste-free everyday! Of course our large apiwraps also come in handy for bunches of herbs, blocks of cheese and covering salad bowls too.

Wrap a sandwich up by folding two sides together at the top and tucking them over each other until they’re flat on the sandwich, then taking the other two ends and tucking them under your sandwich. You don’t need to squash the sandwich to seal it up – just hold it a moment to warm into place – we’ve made a handy video here.

If the large lunch wrap is too big for a smaller sandwich it’s no problem because you can just keep wrapping and seal where it overlaps. Apiwraps are soft and easy to seal meaning even little hands can help wrap lunches.

You can use your Apiwraps lunch wraps again and again. Just wash with a little soap or eco-friendly detergent and they’re good to go! We find that wraps used for lunches everyday usually last for around a year. Check out our youtube videos for a quick how to!

The Lunch Call set includes three reusable wraps (30cm x 35cm) in complementing patterns from the same collection. Don’t need three? Look at our single Sandwich Wrap Pack. Need more? Add on extras without packaging!


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4 reviews for Lunch Call

  1. Joei

    I love my Apiwraps! And I love that they’re a natural alternative to plastic. Yay for you, creative genius! The patterns are bright and gorgeous, and the different size packs are the best! My fruit and veggies love them too! Thank you for this gift to our precious planet 🙂

  2. Kelly Wood

    It feels like I am wrapping presents all the time with your lovely Apiwraps, the fabric is so pretty. But I particularly love that I’ve found an alternative to cling wrap.

  3. Ian Clark

    I have been using Apiwraps to wrap work lunches for over 8 months now. The sandwiches are always fresh and I don’t have to waste money buying and then disposing of those dreadful plastic sandwich bags anymore. Must be time to get some new ones, the old ones are starting to look ordinary.

  4. Tricia (verified owner)

    Best wrapping a sandwich can come in! I use these most days for my lunch, a sandwich or wrap. I also use them for vegetables in the fridge. Great handy size and I love the designs. Easy to wash and food stays fresh. I haven’t used anything else to wrap my sandwiches in, just can’t do cling film at all and haven’t bought it in ages.

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