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3 x Kitchen Basic Packs

(Our Bestseller Ever!)



Are you ready to be an eco gifting #ZeroWasteHero?!

The seasonal rounds of gifting are such a massive source of stress – especially if you’re into minimalist, footprint reducing, zero-waste living!

How can we get through this commercial consumer frenzy without compromising all of our best intentions?!

We look for all the usual solutions – the hand-made, repurposed, recycled or repurposed options… there are only so many hours in a day! Isn’t minimalism supposed to make life less stressful?

I hear you mama. If we can’t tick all of the boxes every time – at least let’s aim for thoughtful, low impact and significantly life-enhancing.

We named this gifting pack Share With Friends way back when we started because we had so many of our wonderful early-adapters freaking out with excitement that we’d brought beeswax wraps to their kitchens. They just couldn’t wait to share them, introducing so many new kitchens to our mission! When you share a Kitchen Basics pack with a friend you’ll either be introducing them to one of the best kitchen tools ever, or topping up their collection, making their life that little bit lighter, fresher and easier. And you didn’t even compromise the minimalist, eco-friendly ideal (remember our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable too! Even the envelope we ship in!)

This multipack special has three of our best-selling Kitchen Basics Packs – with a small medium and large Apiwrap they are the perfect gift for the ‘new-to-ecofriendly’ crew!

Your packs will come as a range from our current collections.



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