The Fine Print: Refund & Returns Policy

Apiwraps is dedicated to providing products of the highest quality. We are confident you will love everything you have ordered, but if something isn’t right, please let us know. If you are having trouble using Apiwraps please read your packaging carefully, look at our Facebook page, Youtube channel and FAQ page to make sure you’re on track! If you’re still not sure, be in touch – we’ll talk you through!

Delivery Process and Timeframes

Apiwraps online orders are shipped with Australia Post from Rutherford LPO in NSW. Delivery is estimated at 4 business days of East Coast Australia and 7 business days for other states. Please allow 10 business days before making a claim for re-dispatch or refund.

International orders are estimated at 12 business days for metropolitan areas and a maximum 45 calendar days will be allowed before re-dispatch or refund on missing orders.

Apiwraps will accept returns for the following scenarios:

  • Goods damaged or faulty prior to delivery.
  • Goods that vary from their description on this website.
  • Goods supplied incorrectly.

Our quality control teams inspect all deliveries to ensure the products you receive meet our exact quality standards. However, if you do receive a faulty or damaged product, please contact us to arrange a free return delivery and replacement or refund.

Returns Process

Note: Please do not return any goods prior to making contact with us.

Please contact us via [email protected] or simply reply to your transaction or shipping email. Let us know what’s wrong and how we can help! If you’re not sure whether your Apiwraps are faulty or not we suggest taking a look at the library of videos available on our youtube channel to make sure you’re familiar with how to use them.

If you’re quite certain your Apiwrap are not ok – please take some photos of what the problem is and let us know what’s happening. We’ll do our best to help and figure out what the problem is. We have a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and will either replace your Apiwraps or refund the total.

Please return the product/s to us in the original condition within 10 days of receipt, including a copy of your shipping invoice, and we will replace or refund your purchase using the original payment method.

All returns should be sent with supporting documentation in original or appropriate packaging to:

Apiwraps Australia
2/28 Famechon Cr, Modbury North, South Australia 5092

For any additional information on our return policies, please contact us on this website or [email protected].