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Which sizes do Apiwraps beeswax wraps come in?

Apiwraps beeswax wraps come in four sizes that fit different uses and tasks. Whether you’re looking to wrap a sandwich (large), keep a celery in the fridge (XL) store half an avocado (small) or pop your leftovers away (medium) we have a size that will fit the job. Here’s a handy guide to all the uses we’ve found most common to each size of beeswax wrap in our packages, along with which package you’ll find them in. Remember you can always use a larger wrap for a smaller job – just keep wrapping!

Small (S)

15cm x 20cm

Wrap half an avocado, apple or cucumber. Get snacks sorted and baby’s leftovers packed away for later. Also very handy when opening jars and for wrapping soft fruits in lunchboxes. Veggie sticks and cheese slices keep super well in these small ones too

(M) Medium

20m x 25cm

Keep a wedge of pumpkin fresh for weeks. Wrap kiddie sandwiches and leftovers on plates. Take a slice to a friends place without any cling wrap and see their impressed delight! The medium is also the right size for a wedge of parmesan and other smaller cheeses.


Large (L)

30cm x 35cm

Useful for ALL the things – make a statement at the next barbecue you go to with a gorgeous Australian art wrap covering your salad bowl instead of nasty old cling wrap… keep your lunchboxes better than nude and your cheese fresh for ages.

(XL) Extra-Large

40cm x 45cm

The XL is your friend in the fridge, keeping all your big veggies for way longer than you’d expect – because they’re protected from drying out in your frost free fridge, but allowed to breathe and stay alive – in suspended animation until you’re ready!