Three Little Somethings

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3 x Sandwich Wraps


How great will it be to know that you always have a little something ready for a spontaneous gift?

That children’s birthday party that you forgot was coming up (this morning!)

The dinner party where the host refuses to let you bring something?

If you’ve ever stopped at a service station on the way hoping to find something kind of ‘giftable’ you’re going to want to jump on this little pack of beeswax sandwich wraps. Ready for everything without breaking the bank (and you even get to make that little eco-friendly, zero-waste nudge at the same time lol).

What you’ll get: Three Sandwich Wraps from either the Everyday Range or the Premium Range. Each one packed in it’s 100% recycled and recyclable envelope with care instructions and how-to. Each contains a large Apiwrap which we think is simply the most useful size ever. It’s great for kids as they can use it in their lunchbox for sandwiches and wraps too. Want to know more about our Sandwich Wrap Packs?

Give a gift that is reusable and long lasting and you’ll be making a difference on a whole new level. And you’ll be helping us achieve our mission of ridding every kitchen in Australia from cling wrap!

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