Being a zero waste hero doesn’t have to cost the earth. It’s a collection of small changes adding up to a big impact.

Speaking of small change, it’s a tiny investment per month that adds up to changing the world.

Become a Zero Waste Hero for only $9 a month


Become a Zero Waste Hero

and for less than a takeaway get:

✔︎ lunchboxes that are better than nude

✔︎ veggies that are ready when you are

✔︎  the knowledge your home is part of the zero waste solution


$9 Per Month

For less than a sandwich you’ll be able to scrap using plastic wrap forever! No minimums no locking and no shipping costs – just a simple, transparent offer from us – so you can get busy using them for everything you used to use cling wrap for.


Set & forget

Not only will your Apiwraps arrive at your door monthly without you having to do a thing, they are so zero waste they’re almost naked! Our envelopes are made from actual recycled paper from your blue bin collection right here in Australia.


exclusive benefits

Be the first to see new designs, latest innovations, and special club member offers as we collaborate with artists and other zero waste brands. Including awesome designs that are only available through the club!


Set the Trend

Be the envy of your friends with Apiwrapped lunches, the trendiest salad at the picnic, and bonus awesome options for gifting an Apiwrap – with or without food goodies inside and with plenty to fall back on you won’t be stressing about the one that you forgot to bring home.


Zero Fuss

Too many Apiwraps? You can cancel anytime with no hassles (or hint: give them to your friends!) Just hit reply on any email from us and I’ll be there – an Aussie small business owner, ready to sort out what you need and help you celebrate your zero waste wins!

3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions available.

Zero worries about forgetting to cancel your subscription – sign up for the plan that suits you

And yes you can absolutely sign up one for yourself and one for someone who will love an Apiwraps subscription (just do it in seperate transactions if they have different addresses!)


Oh, of course you could make all the things yourself and be a total earth mama…

But there are so many decisions you have to make every single day.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the overwhelm that comes from being a supermum.

An Apiwraps subscription helps you make little changes that add up to a big impact. 

And we do it with such a low investment cost, you won’t need to think about AfterPay. * 

(And you won’t have to get the spatula out to scrape the beeswax off the kitchen floor!) 

* It’s part of the Apiwraps ethical standard we resist enticing our subscribers and customers with even more consumer debt.

You can still get your instant gratification and your feel good vibes but without the buyer’s remorse!


$9 Per Month
Exclusively Low Price

Apiwraps unpackaged means we can spoil you with insider deals


Be a
Zero Waste Hero

Always have Apiwraps at hand and never use plastic wrap again!


Get the Latest Designs
Each Month

With new collections coming out regularly you’ll always get the latest designs


Be a
Trend Setter

Watch plastics become a thing of the past


1 Pack Today +
1st of Every Month

Get your instant gratification, then watch the Apiwraps roll in


Cancel Anytime!
No Hidden Fees

Cancel anytime with no hassels, but we hope you’ll let us know what’s on your mind! 


What’s your cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime by emailing [email protected] prior to your next billing cycle. Please reach out first if you’re having any issues – being part of our club is being part of our inner circle and we care about what’s working for you!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the price for addresses in Australia. International addresses have a small $5 fee added for the extra postage.

Is there a fee to join Apiwraps Club?

No way! Just a monthly subscription to have Apiwraps delivered to your door!

Is pricing in US or Australian dollars?

All of our pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD)

What if my Apiwraps are damaged or not right?

Please see our returns policy

How do I know what I’m going to receive each month?

Every month we will be sending out 1-2 Apiwraps from our current collections. Club members will always see new collections first, and often little extras that we’ll pop in too! We promise that you’ll have at least three XL Apiwraps a year, along with plenty of smalls, mediums and larges.

When will I get my Apiwraps?

We’ll ship you your first subscription right away, and after that you’ll receive an Apiwraps Club Envelope every month in the first week of the month. Delivery for East coast Australia 3-4 days, West Coast and Inland 4-8 days, overseas orders 10-15 business days.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! International Club subscriptions incur a $5 shipping fee added to your monthly subscription cost.

How do I take care of my Apiwraps?

Please check our Apiwraps FAQ page!

Where are Apiwraps Made?

Apiwraps are proudly made in Australia, specifically in East Maitland NSW the beautiful Hunter Valley. We use only pure uncontaminated beeswax from beekeepers we know well.

How will I know what to use my Apiwraps for?

Check out our youtube and social links! Every month you’ll receive a letter with your Apiwraps offering tips and ideas on how to make an impact with your zero waste journey!


  • The Apiwraps Club is great because you get a surprise every time, I don't know which sizes I need, so it's great getting a variety of sizes and colours! And it's only $9! You can't go wrong with that!

    Katherine Field
    Katherine Field
  • I began my apiwraps jouney with a starter pack, needing more I wasn't sure what to buy. The Apiwraps club is great because I get to try different designs and increase my supply at a really affordable price, I store them in a big jar on my bench. The the club is amazing value, I  love receiving my delivery each month

    Linda Westhead
    Linda Westhead
  • I made my first Apiwraps investment last week, and was immediately impressed! I joined ‘the club’ straight away, and started stalking my post lady daily, waiting for my Apiwraps to arrive! Thank you for an amazing product. Not only are Apiwraps functional, but totally beautiful!

    Megan Haddon
    Megan Haddon
  • I have been an Apiwraps Club member since it began many years ago. I recently moved to Marks Point and when clearing the fridge I found a lonely piece of parmagiano cheese i purchased 12 months ago wrapped in a piece of my favourite Apiwrap. When I opened it was free from mould and quite usable. Grated up wonderfully

    Dominique Tomasella
  • This is such a terrific idea! The wraps themselves are very good quality and it’s a great way to spread the cost. Really useful I use several daily for wrapping food also my sandwich- they work perfectly too.

    Tracey Cronley
  • Apiwraps is a great way to build a collection of a variety of sizes of this most necessary item. A great beginning for anyone looking to remove plastic from their lives.

  • I've been a long time member and absolutely love getting a surprise wrap each month! The wraps are nice and sticky with plenty of great designs. I would highly recommend the club to anyone wanting to start out with reusable wraps and not sure what sizes to get themselves.

  • Great way to purchase Beeswax wraps with little outlay. Each month a beautiful wrap finds it's way to my letterbox, many unique designs unavailable elsewhere.

  • The Apiwraps club is great.... the wraps are lovely designs and so soft to use. Every month means another cheese wrapped, or another bowl covered, or another veg saved. The December XLarge wrap is on constant rotation, especially for bread; it keeps it beautifully fresh. I bought a bag to keep my Apiwraps in, but it’s empty, not a single Apiwrap has made it into there - they’re always in use. Love them! So glad I joined.

    Jayne McQualter
  • These are good quality beeswax wraps. The idea of a subscription is great as you are able to build up a collection without a big initial outlay. The wraps work well and are proving very useful. I look forward to my monthly wrap as they work so well

    Tracey Cronley
  • I only started this 2 wraps ago but they are good and luckily so far large . Love the surprise each month and an easy way to build up my supply . Nice and pliable too.

  • Loving Apiwraps. I have been a subscriber for over a year. A great product with some fab designs and I look forward to my pack each month! Thanks team x

    Claudia Faulkner
  • Loving Apiwraps. I have been a subscriber for over a year. A great product with some fab designs. I look forward to my pack each month! Thanks Apiwraps team x

    Claudia Faulkner
  • Awesome, they really do work. Easy to use and my fridge never looked better. It's full of beautiful prints and colours. Plus I love receiving something nice in the mail every month. Really breaks up those bills. Highly recommend apiwraps.

  • Love my Apiwraps and the club! These wraps are one of the best I’ve found. Nice and sticky and the designs are so cute. The club is so easy and a new wrap of varying size turns up each month. Thanks!

  • I’m a new subscriber and am thrilled to bits with the Apiwraps I’ve received. I wrapped a whole cauliflower (Leaves removed) and it stayed as fresh as the day I bought it - I was away for a few days and when I returned, there was no deterioration at all. I am delighted with how the wraps prolong the freshness of stored moisture builds up. Pretty happy! Next is lettuce....

    Dianne Kelly
  • Love Apiwraps! Only just started using them & finding uses everywhere! Such great quality, local business and love the anticipation for the next months surprise.

    Wendy Howell
  • I am fairly new to the apiwraps club having just received my third wrap. I love the patterns and the different sizes that have come and look forward to building my collection. The quality of the wraps is high and they just need a quick wipe with a damp cloth after use. I have already recommended them to friends and family.

  • The subscription is great value and I love that the wraps are sent without packaging. It's fun receiving something new each month and it's a good way to build up your collection.

    Helen Rowe
  • Love my Apiwraps. It's the first wrap I found that don't go stiff and hard. They are easy to mould around things like veggies and containers. Joining the club is the best thing I've done.😁

    Maria Agenbag
  • Absolutely love Apiwraps!!! The subscription is brilliant and definitely worth it 👌🏻 The wraps come in really handy sizes, from small to extra large so they can be used for so many different things. The patterns are gorgeous and it’s exciting discovering new ones each month. Highly recommend Apiwraps... great quality and the Apiwraps Team are awesome! Fabulous customer service! A+++++ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Kirsty Kortum
  • A great way to increase and renew my collection of these fabulous products. I have joined up my daughters as well. Apiwraps are definitely the best of the beeswax wraps I have tried - they remain pliant for a long time never shedding crumbly wax like some other brands.

    Meg Gordon
  • Love my Apiwraps. My vegetables and crisper have never been kept so fresh and clean before!! Enjoy my surprise every month and encouraging my family to subscribe to receive your fantastic product. Also buying local and Australian is important to me. Great work, product, and service, Thanks to the team at Apiwraps.

    Karen Tobin
  • I love receiving my Apiwraps. Look forward to the surprise each month. I give some to my daughter and daughter inlaw. A great idea starting this club. So inspiring and you don't have to think about going out and purchasing other wraps. Keep up the wonderful work.

    Dianne Allan
  • The Apiwraps club is such a great way to stock up on what is in my opinion the best beeswax wrap out there (I have tried a few), for such a small financial outlay receiving a new wrap (sometimes more than one) each month is the perfect way to build your collection. My whole family reaches for them first now, love the anticipation of which print will be delivered. Thanks so much Apiwraps.