DESIGN ~ Andrea Smith’s Aussie Animals

I know you love designs and meeting our brilliant artists so I’m pretty sure you’ll be as over the moon as I am to see this new design we’re launching in June 2021.   Way, way back in 2016 when we had just moved out of my house and into the back of our local […]

Plain Beeswax Wraps

  Plain and simple beeswax wraps. Our Drover design is basic as you please, ready to fit right in with your simple minimalist lifestyle.   Our mission at Apiwraps is to make beeswax wraps as regular and utilitarian as plates and cutlery, and The Drover collection as simple as can be. I’ve matched it up […]

How To Proof Bread Dough Without Cling Wrap

Dough without cling wrap, sustainable zero waste baking is the best thing that has happened during the pandemic! . Making bread from scratch is so comforting. It’s tactile and satisfying on so many levels.. and the fragrance of bread baking in the oven? Heaven. All that effort to make something so soul nourishing can be […]

To Buy Beeswax Wraps Afterpay Is Not The Solution

If you’re looking to buy beeswax wraps afterpay is not the solution… Beeswax wraps are so expensive What to do ~ So many families just get by every week. Investing in beeswax wraps is a nice idea, but… if we want beeswax wraps afterpay might be the only option! Oh wow – you see thinking […]

Beeswax Wrap Design by Lily Stevenson of ‘Love Always Lily’

Introducing our new fabulous Apiwraps beeswax wrap designs, Lily’s Farmyard from Love Always Lily! An Introduction To Our Story… Back when Apiwraps was operating out of my kitchen as a tiny cottage industry we had a team of high school girls coming after school to fold Apiwraps and pack envelopes. We ​would chat around the table. Around […]

Who Invented Beeswax Wraps?

Who invented beeswax wraps? In 2012 Freyja Tasci of Apiwraps discovered a traditional product and made it new again! Beeswax wraps are the latest and greatest thing for Zero Waste kitchens right? We want to know who invented beeswax wraps! They’ve been around for ages though – just under another name! Beeswax wraps were invented […]

Can I Use Beeswax Wraps In The Freezer?

Yes! Apiwraps beeswax wrap is so useful for freezer storage! Read on for handy tips on maximising the life and health of your Apiwraps! Using Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps In The Freezer Keeping a loaf of bread, left over pizza dough or muffins for school lunches is an essential part of an efficient home routine for […]

How Do Beeswax Wraps Work?

I want to be super eco friendly and stop using plastic – but I don’t get how beeswax wrap is going to work…   I hear you, you don’t want to be spending a fortune on some fancy new stuff when it might just sit in a drawer and not be useful! Let’s take a […]

How Do I Repair My Beeswax Wraps?

Reconditioning your Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps! Apiwraps beeswax wraps can be reconditioned every few months to keep the wax supple and strong. They can often go much longer without needing too much attention, but winter time does tend to effect the wax a lot. Your Apiwraps are needing a treatment when the creases start to get […]

The Zero Waste Lunch Box Solution

Lunch boxes are a great place to start a zero-waste journey – the routine and regularity of packing lunches 5 days a week, while a little overwhelming at times, is an opportunity to integrate reusable food wrap and save so much plastic wrap, packaging and waste – it just makes sense to knock that baby […]