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The extra-large Apiwrap is enormous! Big enough to wrap a celery and keep it fresh and crisp for weeks in the bottom of the fridge – a must have if you’ve ever forgotten the celery was there… Also great for a bunch of silverbeet, a head of lettuce or to cover a cheese platter before a party – so many uses.


Our extra-large beeswax wraps are the best thing that ever happened to veggie storage! If you shop at farmers markets, I know why you’re here. You’ll need a few for those big bunches of silverbeet, leeks and lettuces… And have you seen our DIY salad bag? You might actually need about 6 by the time you see how we store a spare loaf of bread in the freezer!
The Celery Wrap is the extra large beeswax wrap. It is big enough to cover a celery bunch, cover a platter, or wrap a big bunch of silver beets. It’s huge.

The Story

Actually this is the reason I even tried to make beeswax wraps in the very beginning! With my poor babes suffering from anaphylactic allergies and eczema I was spending a fortune on organic veggies – sometimes $10 on an organic celery! It was heartbreaking to see it all limp after a day or two in the fridge. When I read about oilskin wrapping food it really made sense that something waterproof was going to really do the trick. I had no idea how well it was going to work – happy days!

You can also use the extra large beeswax wrap when you get home from the farmers market with a huge haul of fresh veg and no plastic bags. Pop every thing into the crisper drawer and tuck them into bed with this baby! No more rubbery carrots for you!

The Details

Dimensions 40cm x 45cm.

*This is a listing for one single extra large Apiwrap from the collection chosen. Patterns vary and depend on availability. If you have a preference note it in the comments to seller section as you check through and we’ll do our best to find it. But we can’t promise as all the collections have limited stock!

If you haven’t seen our full set, check that out first as it’s better value than buying this extra large if you’re going to need all the sizes! If you’re getting a full set already you can add more extra large wraps to your order here.

All Apiwraps come with our no dramas money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with our beeswax wraps, be in touch! We’ll help you resolve any issues, and if they can’t be solved, we’ll replace or refund your order. Simple, transparent ethical service. Because that’s how we like to be treated too.

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  1. Michelle

    Thank you so much for my wraps! I used the (free) mini-wrap last night as soon as I opened the envelope!

    I couldn’t wait for our food to get to room temp so I can then use my Apiwrap to cover the pyrex baking dish.

    ….and I will do a clean-up of our veggie crisper so I can use my XL one.

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