For The Cheese Lovers

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3 x Cheese Lover Packs


How many times have you wracked your brain in a last minute panic trying to find a gift for that person that ‘has everything’. The last thing you want to do is clutter their life up with more ‘stuff’!

You think about the things they’re into… Their interests, hobbies, their favourite foods…

Aren’t the best gifts those that solve a problem? Are useful as well as beautiful? Last for ages? And relate to something they really love?

Ahem. Introducing the Cheese Lovers Pack. Beeswax has traditionally been used to keep cheese – and beeswax wraps are just the best way ever to store cheese. Read more about it here.

Our Cheese Lover Packs have two small Apiwraps and a medium. Just right for checking out how they go! And if you love cheese, I’m guessing you’ve got more than just cheddar and parmesan in the fridge!

Want to know more about how we wrap cheese? It’s so easy – they’re going to love you for this when they realise their expensive imported French brie is perfectly ripened and ready to eat after they forgot about it a month or two ago.

Save your self from stressed out last minute shopping by keeping a few of these gift packs for the cheese lovers tucked away and you’ll sail through the season!


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