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1 x Small Beeswax Wrap


This listing is adding one small beeswax wrap to your existing order of at least one pack from the main shop.

What is the small size good for?

The small Apiwrap really comes into its own wrapping a half avocado… The beeswax wrap creates a second skin that stops any moisture escaping so no more of that sunken dried out skin over the cut avocado. At the same time won’t let sweating and moisture build up. Hello fresh lush avocado for tomorrow! Actually our instagram challenge went for over a week! Check it out here

We use heaps of small Apiwraps for snacks; making a pocket for nuts, wrapping a peeled and sliced apple, or cover a jar of ferments. If you have preschoolers, you’re going to need a bunch of these. And left overs? Just pop one on top! Fussy eaters just got a whole lot easier!

By adding this small beeswax wrap to your order you are truly a #zerowastehero – no packaging! No bells and whistles! Just the stuff you need, popped into your envelope that’s on the way anyway – winner!! That’s the kind of style we just love seeing! Yay!

What do I get?

Add a small beeswax wraps to your order: dimensions 15cm x 20cm.

This is a listing for one single small Apiwrap from the collection chosen – patterns vary and depend on availability, if you have a preference note it in the comments to seller section as you check through and I’ll do my best to find it – but I can’t promise, all the collections have limited stock!

Looking for our other unpackaged wraps? We have mediums, larges and XL’s

If you choose the same collection as your package we’ll select to complement those you already have, depending on availability and stock. Of course you can get these in a pack as well – our Cheese Lover Pack has two smalls and a medium beeswax wrap.

All Apiwraps come with our no dramas money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with our beeswax wraps, be in touch! We’ll help you resolve any issues, and if they can’t be solved, we’ll replace or refund your order. Simple, transparent ethical service. Because that’s how we like to be treated too.

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