Australia’s ORIGINAL Beeswax Wraps

In 357,651 homes around Australia

8,640,823 metres of cling wrap saved from landfill so far

Starter Packs of Beeswax Wraps

Apiwraps come in packs of small, medium, large and XL beeswax wraps. 

Single Unpackaged Wraps

Skip packaging and customise your order.

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What if going eco wasn’t actually a compromise?

What if skipping the ‘convenience’ option and picking the healthier, more wholesome choice was actually easier than the quick fix? 


✔️ are reusable over and over again

✔️ make your fresh food last longer

✔️ are way easier to use than dreaded cling wrap

Oh! And they have no nasties, are made in Australia from Aussie beeswax and organic cotton, and each Apiwrap Beeswax Wrap features exclusive artwork from some of our favourite artists.

And you can ditch the cling wrap.

Because nobody loves cling wrap.

Aussies Love Apiwraps

  • Best wrapping a sandwich can come in! I use these most days for my lunch, a sandwich or wrap. I also use them for vegetables in the fridge. Great handy size and I love the designs.

    Tricia M
    Tricia M
  • These are great, still finding new ways to use them. Great quality and love you are an Australian made and owned company. I will be buying more.

    Jasper T
    Jasper T
  • I am obsessed with these wraps!! They do exactly what they're supposed to do. I don’t know how I ever survived without them! And they are so beautifully made!

    Alyce W
    Alyce W
  • Love my Apiwraps. It’s the first wrap I found that don’t go stiff and hard. They are easy to shape around things like veggies and containers. Joining the club is the best thing ever!

    Maria A
    Maria A

What are Apiwraps?

there’s nothing newfangled here

It’s what your great-grandma would have used to wrap cheese or cover cream. We’ve just switched a few of the less lovely ingredients and created some gorgeous art designs. Something as simple and humble as waxed cotton can make a huge difference in your home.

Use it to wrap your lunches and snacks, stash your leftovers without endless lidless containers, and keep your veggies plastic free and fresh for longer. A quick soap and rinse is all they need to be ready to go again. 

We’ve been making Apiwraps for ten years

And they just work so well

apiwraps are reusable for over a year


over and over

Give your Apiwraps a quick wipe over

and use them again, they’ll

be good for over a year of regular use.

Apiwraps Pure And Natural Materials

Pure & SAfe

Natural materials

GOTS certified organic cotton,

pure Aussie beeswax, coconut oil and gum rosin

make our wraps safe for all the family

apiwraps Australian made and owned


Made and Owned

Small batch manufacture right here in Australia

by our little Aussie woman-led business.

Supporting a team of artists, designers and makers.

Apiwaps replace single use cling wrap

easy switch

to replace cling wrap

Plastic freedom without the

compromise – it’s so easy to use!

Going eco without compromise.



Join the club!

Save more than just the planet with an Apiwraps subscription.

Exclusively low price, latest designs, and your first pack is sent to you today!

It’s our way of making Apiwraps

accessible and convenient for every home

Apiwraps Subscription Club is a great way to build your collection for only $9 a month






Metres of Single Use Cling Wrap

Australia’s Favourites

Using your Apiwraps

Wrap and seal with the warmth of your hands

Apiwraps have a little bit of stretch so you can wrap things tight.

Sealing your Apiwraps carefully by warming them keeps your sandwich tucked in nicely so it won’t fall apart in a lunchbox.

Take your time, it’s a little mindfulness exercise in your busy day

An Apiwrap for every task

Over years of making so many thousands of Apiwraps we have pioneered the development of sizes and applications that have been copied by many, matched by few 😉

Our regular packages have four sizes available – small, medium, large and extra-large.

Here are a few of our favourite uses for them – though really, you’re only limited by your imagination (and the microwave! Don’t put your Apiwraps in the microwave!)

Lunchboxes, Snacks, Veggies, Fruit, Leftovers

Plastic free and allowed to breathe

beeswax wrap avocado


15cm x 20cm

Wrap half an avocado, apple or cucumber. Get snacks sorted and baby’s leftovers packed away for later. Also very handy when opening jars and for wrapping soft fruits in lunchboxes. Veggie sticks and cheese slices keep super well in these small ones too.


medium beeswax wrap unpackaged


20cm x 25cm

Keep a wedge of pumpkin fresh for weeks. Wrap kiddie sandwiches and leftovers on plates. Take a slice to a friends place without any cling wrap and see their impressed delight! The medium is also the right size for a wedge of parmesan and other smaller cheeses.


beeswax wrapsmushrooms


30cm x 35cm

Sandwiches, even big ones with lots of fillings, or wraps or burritos or a big chunk of frittata. The perfect size for a head of broccoli or making a pocket like this for mushies. The right size for a big dinner plate for someone late home from work, or wrapping a loaf of banana bread.

XL beeswax wrap food store


40cm x 45cm

All the big veggies last longer wrapped in beeswax – as they don’t sweat. Celery, silver beets, a whole cauliflower or a bunch of spring onions. Also very handy for covering a platter, cheese board or a big loaf of bread. Can also be used to keep a spare loaf in the freezer (yes they’re fine in the freezer!)

The Apiwraps Vision

Replacing Cling Wrap In Every Home

We’ve never loved plastic, and cling wrap is as bad as it gets.

Compared with the earthy, tactile patina of our Apiwraps, plastic’s industrialised, synthetic shine is the antithesis of everything we love in a wholesome home.

Apiwraps’ unique waterproof barrier and ability to breathe means veggies keep longer and food stays fresh.

And we’re supporting an ecosystem of Australian artists, designers and suppliers who we believe in.

creating a beautiful space in our corner of the world

Less waste, more love, one home at a time

An Australian made product that’s created with high quality materials

is always going to be pricey, but our mission is to be in EVERY home.

Which is why I created the Apiwraps Club

Every month we send out an envelope with an Apiwrap or two,

with different sizes every time, so you can build your collection for only $9 a month.

It’s a way to try them out, to start with integrity and not debt.

To be a part of something simple and effective, making some change in the world.

Beeswax Wrap Australia