About Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps
& Founder Freyja Tasci


Apiwraps started because Freyja Tasci needed something she couldn’t find anywhere.

And it turns out heaps of other families needed it too.

It’s so exciting to know all these homes around Australia are making a difference.

All those people becoming #ZeroWasteHeroes.


10 Years of Apiwraps Evolution

The theme running through the last 10 years has always been the same:

A fantastic product.

A vision of the future where cling wrap is replaced in every kitchen.

And a crowd of zero waste heroes who are leading the change.



We Started with $200

It may not look like it now we’re stocked in places like ALDI, but every time you support Apiwraps you’re buying from a mama business start up

The type that began with a dream of being home and available to care for little ones over those early years. 

A business that started with an idea and $200 pinched from the housekeeping money, boldly invested in fabric from Spotlight and a bucket of unfiltered beeswax from the local beekeeper. 

Supporting Small Business

You’re supporting a family beekeeping business in NSW that supplies all of our wax,

one of Australia’s last standing textile manufacturers

and an ecosystem of local artists, designers, admin folks and Apiwrappers packing away in our shed.

In all the years I’ve been ranting on at markets, talking with people who have never thought for a moment about an alternative,

I’ve never yet met someone who actually likes using cling wrap. 

It’s on the list of most people’s least favourite things. 

When they discover that we have an alternative, made in Australia, reusable and beautiful and easy to use… it’s such an easy switch! And it makes you feel so good.

There’s something about the earthy tactile texture of Apiwraps that feels authentic, that connects us to how our great grandparents stored their most precious things.

The way that Apiwraps hold their contents close and seal them up has integrity in a cheap and disposable world.

Our lovely illustrated designs from our featured artists are the icing on the cake.

Apiwraps are not a mass-produced, plastic pop-out-of-a-factory consumer item.

They are living, breathing fresh food goodies that live with you, hugging your vegetables close and saving them from fridge-limp sadness in your too-busy home.

They keep your sandwiches tight and fresh, and leftovers tucked away safely for later. 

Over and over again

Hi! I’m Freyja Tasci, founder and Chief Apiwrapper

I have about a million ideas a minute and want to chase all the shiny things, which makes it a small miracle I’ve kept on with Apiwraps for all these years… It’s only the first step in a whole evolution of wholesome loveliness that I plan to bring into the word.

Despite growing up on the East Coast of Australia, I have a funny accent that kind of matches my funny name – the result of living overseas for a long and exciting chapter of my life, and having some hippy parents. As wonderful as travel and adventure is, I started humming that old tune after my babies joined us and hauled many suitcases though Sydney airport to come back and make a home.

Back in Australia I picked up my abandoned uni course to keep me occupied while my littlies napped. It turns out a degree in literature and philosophy is good for more than sparkling dinner-party conversation. While I was studying poetry I read that precious things were kept wrapped in oilskin, which is cotton soaked in beeswax. The idea buzzed in my head for weeks while I searched for something like it to wrap my celery. When I couldn’t find it, I had to make it myself.

Starting a business has given me the opportunity to lean into some pretty fantastic growth opportunities (out of my depth and learning to swim most days) and it’s the most rewarding thing I can imagine doing outside of raising two of my favourite people in the world.

And I still find time for my literature and philosophy writing my little happy-mail letter to our heroes every month in our subscription mail out.

An Australian made product that’s created with high quality materials is always going to be pricey, but our mission is to be in EVERY home.

Which is why I created the Apiwraps Club. 

Every month we send out an envelope with an Apiwrap or two, with different sizes every time, so you can build your collection for only $9 a month. It’s a way to try them out, to start with integrity and not debt. To be a part of something simple and effective, making some change in the world.