Wholesale beeswax wraps

Bring your store to the eco-friendly party, confident you’re selling Australia’s original beeswax wraps.

Curating a retail store is a lot of responsibility and you need to know that your investments will be moving through, making you profit everyday.

Our community of eco-heroes are busy making a difference in the world, one shopper at a time. Introducing their customers to a great new eco-solution and wowing them with gorgeous designs they keep coming back for.

Apiwraps are the perfect meeting of design meets function. A clever, unique and unpretentious idea with careful consideration for the environment that is executed with charm, made in Australia and always of impeccable quality.
Daniel McCready |
Powerhouse Museum Retail Shop, Sydney
Apiwraps are a great product, useful and so easy to sell. They walk out the door.
Cathryn DiPuglia |
The Little Shop Down The Road, Morpeth NSW
Apiwraps are everything our shop stands for - Australian made, eco-friendly, on trend and beautifully packaged. Plus they are such a lovely and easy small company to work with! 
Fany Samure |
Makin’ Whoopee Gift Shop, Cairns City QLD