Are beeswax wraps reusable?


Are Beeswax Wraps Reusable?

Yes! Beeswax wraps are reusable for a year or more!


How long does a beeswax wrap last?

A Beeswax wrap used for lunch boxes every day coming home needing a proper soap wash because of mayonnaise or avocado on the surface will last around a year.
If you are keeping veggies or cheese in the fridge and not needing to wash it so often it will last much longer even two or three years. It all comes down to the number of times you wash it, and how gently you manage to do that.
Every time you wash your beeswax wrap it will wear a little wax away, so here are our top tips for a perfect wash that will keep your wraps reusable for many months.



How to wash reusable beeswax wraps:

✓  Use an ecofriendly detergent
✓  Don’t rub too hard, an eco sponge is best
✓  Be sure to use cold water only – it makes the wax harden up so you can clean it without washing away the wax
✓  Rinse off with cold water
✓  Hang over the dish rack to dry – or pat dry with a tea towel if you’re in a hurry – don’t rub


How does the wax work?

At Apiwraps we have perfected our beeswax compound that we used to create beeswax wraps adjusting for the different qualities of beeswax which depend on which flowers the bees have visited that season. Every batch of wax is different, so some wraps can be a little more brittle and others a little more soft, and we accommodate t as best we can in the compound making process. Your beeswax wraps are made from natural materials, so there can even be some differences in the cotton itself!
When you see any cracks or peeling wax it’s time for a little maintenance. You can recondition your reusable beeswax wraps as frequently as you like, the wax will thank you for it. You can find out all about how to do the reconditioning process here.


When will I know that my beeswax wraps have done their job

 You’ll know your Apiwraps have started to wear out when they don’t seal anymore no matter how much you warm them. After that they can be used as a pastry mat for rolling out cookie dough or they can be taken to the shed to wrap steel tools and keep them from rusting. Old Apiwraps can be super helpful in opening stuck jar lids.
If no use can be found for an old Apiwrap they can be shredded and put into your home compost bin. Being cotton and natural materials they make great food for worms, they will take a a few months to break down.
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