How Long Do Beeswax Wraps Last?


Beeswax wraps last for at least a year when you look after them well.

The learning curve with beeswax wraps is not too steep – the most exciting part is discovering all the ways you can use them! A few pointers will make all the difference when it comes to how long your beeswax wraps last. 

1. Make sure you wash them the right way to make them last.  

Your beeswax wraps don’t need a proper wash every time, so before you do anything make sure you have a quick look at the surface to see what you’re dealing with. Just wrapped a few carrots in the crisper? They might head straight back into circulation. A sandwich with mayo and mysterious splotches on the other hand? Straight to the sink! 

✅ Brush off any crumbs or foody bits

✅ Gently scrape off any dried up or stuck on food

✅ Rinse off with cold water 

✅ Use an eco-friendly detergent or a hand soap with a sponge or gentle brush

✅ Rinse again and drape to dry

Super simple! 

It’s worth paying attention to the ‘don’ts as well, where do we go wrong? 

❌ Don’t use hot water

❌ Don’t submerge in the soapy water

❌ Don’t scrub away at your wrap with a brush

❌ Don’t use ‘big brand detergents’ that will wear away the wax

❌ Don’t leave food in the wrap to go mouldy


2. Reconditioning beeswax wraps makes them last longer. 

Another important factor in the life of an apiwrap is conditioning the wax regularly. You’ll know your beeswax wraps need some attention when they have cracks in the wax, or have a grainey or crumbly finish to the surface. 

This is more common in winter time, when the wraps aren’t coming to a warmer temperature between uses, or when they’re being used almost exclusively in the fridge and freezer. 

Not to worry though, because a quick reconditioning treatment can have them back to their brand new pattina in a couple of minutes. If you do this every time you notice they are looking rough you’ll be using the same apiwrap for 2-3 years. Delay the treatment and you’ll begin to lose wax from the wrap and it won’t last as long.


Check out the full article and tutorial on reconditioning over here.

3. Avoid the usual problems and see your beeswax wraps last longer.

Yes, things might happen that will shorten the life of your apiwraps. A hot water wash with a big brand detergent will leave your apiwraps feeling thin, without the tacky surface they’re known for. A turn in the microwave will melt the wax and leave it lumpy. This might be possible to recover with the reconditioning process, but will depend how much wax was lost. In the same vein, don’t leave your apiwraps draped over the hot tap, next to the toaster or up against the kettle.
Oily foods like a soggy sandwich or fried foods are not friends with Apiwraps. The oil can transfer into the wax compound and make it thick with the oil. If this happens, scrape it back with a blunt blade and recondition it again. You may lose a bit of wax but it’s important to get rid of that oil which could go rancid and start to smell.


Beeswax wraps will last between a year and three years depending on what you use them for.
If you wrap your sandwich in your lunch box every day and they have mayo on them, needing a soap wash – your apiwraps will last about a year. If they’re keeping your celery wrapped in the fridge and just need a rinse every couple of weeks when you wrap a new one, it will last 3 years or more.
Washing them according to the directions and reconditioning them regularly will see your beeswax wraps last longer and avoiding the most common problems will extend their life too!
You’ll know your Apiwaps are reaching the end when they no longer stick well, they’re a bit shabby and the cotton begins to wear. They’re happily composted or popped into the worm farm ready to complete the circle back to flower for the bees.

If your Apiwraps are starting to wear, our subscription club is a great way to continue topping up your collection.

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