The Ultimate Eco Friendly Corporate Gift


Beeswax wraps tell a story about your company’s values and standards, 

It’s a little bonus that you’ll be front of mind every day for over a year!

The flurry of the end of year gifting season is a chance to connect and show you care, the last communication before we all put our computers away and take a break, after what has been one hell of a year. What will make this year’s gift memorable and valuable? Something to chat about when we come back fresh and ready to take on a brand new year after the summer?


1. This year, more than ever, corporate gifts need to be sensitive and considerate  

The pandemic has given businesses a rollercoaster ride, some have done really well, and others have suffered so much. No one will be expecting over-the-top, exuberant gifts this year. A thoughtful, well chosen gift is sure to be appreciated and well received. With the tension and isolation we’ve experienced in 2021, the need for kind and thoughtful gifting is more pronounced than ever. Your corporate gift is an opportunity to let your community know how much you care, about them, about the environment and the future.


2. Locally made, ethical brands tell a story about your company 

Showing your customers that your stance on climate change, supporting Australian Made and being part of the solution for a better future is more than just talk. Choosing an eco-friendly gift that reflects your brand values gives a talking point next time you’re meeting a customer or touching base with an account. It opens the conversation on changes your company is making to create positive impact and to contribute to a better world. By walking the walk you’re building your reputation for more than just your products and services, but what the company believes in and cares about


3. Giving a gift both useful, beautiful and packed with natural organic materials makes it cherished by your precious customers

That it saves them time and money, is reusable for over a year and gives them a moment to think of you on the regular is the icing on the cake. Eco-friendly reusables are here to stay. Drink bottles and shopping totes are everywhere, and in use and being loved up! Beeswax wraps featuring the artwork of local Australian artists, can be used to wrap up a sandwich for lunch, keep cheese and fresh veggies in the fridge or to cover leftovers. They’ll be in daily use for over a year, saving single use plastic and making the world a healthier place, the days of the plastic pen and the letter opener are well and truly over.

🐝 Apiwraps beeswax wraps are made right here in Australia. Supporting a little eco-system of beekeepers, artisan makers, artists and small businesses. 

👋 Are reusable for over a year and save fresh food for weeks, eco-friendly on so many levels! 

🎨 We have beautiful artwork to choose from featuring Andrea Smith, Miranda Earle and Lily Stevenson. Our own little eco-conscious local community.

✅ With price points starting from $3 through to $20

✅ Post direct to your database list

✅ Eco-friendly gift wrapping and card services

🤩 Arranging your gifting this year – even if it’s last minute – can be delegated and out of the way in minutes.

Give us a call to talk through your aims and get things started.

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