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1 x Large Beeswax Wrap



Grab a zero-waste, package free beeswax sandwich wrap to add to your order!

This listing is adding one large sized beeswax wrap to your existing order. With at least one pack from the main shop.

Sandwiches are one of those repeating menu items that can consume heaps of plastic wrap in your kitchen. We recommend our old school beeswax sandwich wraps, just like the drovers used to use! I’m known for describing the life of an apiwrap in terms of its use. If you’re wrapping a sandwich for lunch everyday and it has avocado on it, mayonnaise on it, and it really needs a wash… You can wash it with soap and cold water and use it again and again for about a year. If you’re using it to store your herbs or veggies in the fridge it will last 2 or 3 years. It all comes down to the frequency of washing!

Of course your large beeswax sandwich wrap is going to be just right for wraps, falafel rolls or any number of lunch items. You can pop one in your child’s lunch order bag and make sure the canteen edges closer to zero waste too!

Large Apiwraps are the most versatile size for lunches, salad bowls and larger vegetables. Big blocks of cheddar cheese will be kept from drying out or sweating. While fresh herbs will stave off wilting for day after day. If you’re realising you’ll need a few, our Lunch Call Pack has 3 large beeswax wraps ready for school lunch runs.

The Details

Dimensions 30cm x 35cm.

*This is a listing for one single large Apiwrap from the collection chosen. Patterns vary and depend on availability. If you have a preference note it in the comments to seller section as you check through. We’ll do our best to find it. We can’t promise though as all the collections have limited stock!

If you choose the same collection as your package we’ll select to complement those you already have; depending on availability and stock.


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