To Buy Beeswax Wraps Afterpay Is Not The Solution

beeswax wraps afterpay
If you’re looking to buy beeswax wraps afterpay is not the solution…

Beeswax wraps are so expensive

What to do ~ So many families just get by every week. Investing in beeswax wraps is a nice idea, but… if we want beeswax wraps afterpay might be the only option!

Oh wow – you see thinking holistically is a major part of our ethos at Apiwraps. While I know and you know that beeswax wraps are going to save you heaps of cash purely because you won’t be throwing out dried out old cheese anymore, or sad looking herbs that never made it to that curry you planned on the weekend before Monday threw you off balance. It’s a bit of an investment. It’s a hit on this week’s budget. 

beeswax wraps afterpay is not the solution
The May 2020 envelope has a small and a medium beeswax wraps in these lovely designs
It is totally not worth going into debt for though. Credit cards are bad enough – but losing your paycheque to afterpay before you even get the budget happening is just scary. I don’t want anyone to head in that direction for our Apiwraps even if they ARE going to save heaps on groceries. The stress of finances is going to negate any benefits there. Of course retailers need to bump prices up to pay commission to Afterpay too – and here I am doing everything I can to get the prices down on our Apiwraps! Again, for beeswax wraps Afterpay is not the solution. It’s subscription.


Enter The Apiwraps Subscription Club

When I realised how freaking amazing beeswax wraps were and how completely essential they are in the kitchen I really felt a responsibility to birth this baby into the world. It wasn’t going to help anyone making a few from my kitchen and selling them at the markets… If I was going to make any impact on the way that homes consume plastic and waste good veggies – it had to be scaled. 
What a journey THAT has been. It’s just crazy to reflect on how buying a few metres of organic quilting cotton at Spotlight has progressed to buying 4000m runs of our own prints… what!!?
Yep – to supply most of Australia’s health food stores and a bunch of gift shops we pump out thousands of metres of the stuff. It’s pretty exciting!
It means that we’re running fabric most months, and we have new patterns coming out all the time. OMG the patterns are so much fun!

We love to love you

Beeswax Wrap Subscription
Crushing on our subscribers keeps us going every day

Subscriptions are a great business model. It means that we have this exclusive little group of customers who really love using our product – and we get to shower them with all our love and appreciation… it pushes us to come up with new ideas and beautiful offers every single month. It also gives me a self indulgent opportunity to tell you all about what I’m reading and pondering that month…

Keeping your Apiwraps package free, taking them from whatever we have at hand that month, and batching our shipping all in one go, we made it possible to offer this at only $9 a month. And we even ship an XL at least three times a year. I’m so excited to have you join us. It feels really good to know that we’re helping so many people stay on top of things.
beeswax wraps afterpay
The subscription mail out takes the team days of prepping every month, and it’s so much fun!
It’s our answer to beeswax wraps being so expensive. It’s our answer to making a boutique product feasible for every family. It’s a way that we can stop the beeswax wraps afterpay madness. It’s going to save you from debt and save the planet at the same time. And you get to keep your paycheque.
All those kitchens making changes, becoming healthier, less wasteful, more sustainable, and free from EDC’s… And debt free! Damn that feels like some impact!
Join up and get your first envelope right away! Find out more by taking a look at all the details over on our club page here

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