Can I Use Beeswax Wraps In The Freezer?

Yes! Apiwraps beeswax wrap is so useful for freezer storage! Read on for handy tips on maximising the life and health of your Apiwraps!

Using Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps In The Freezer

Keeping a loaf of bread, left over pizza dough or muffins for school lunches is an essential part of an efficient home routine for our family. Batch cooking is the only way I could build a business and raising these super healthy kids. Happily we can keep up our zero waste efforts along side convenience!


Handy tips to keep your beeswax wrap supple and strong include:

Let them come to room temperature before unwrapping

This can just as sooner happen in a lunch box as on the kitchen bench. Even five minutes is enough to make sure the beeswax doesn’t crack as it’s very brittle when it’s frozen.

*incidentally freezing is the a good way to get beeswax out of containers, candle moulds and off handle holders too!


Wrap your freezer foods really tight

Make sure there’s no air trapped inside. This will eliminate freezer burn issues. You’re basically giving the food a ‘skin’ as beeswax makes a waterproof barrier which is not air tight. The dehydration that becomes freezer burn won’t have a chance with the wax barrier.


Don’t forget about your food

Make sure you keep an eye on your built up store of food. Most foods shouldn’t be frozen for more than a few months so make sure you schedule a couple of days a month for cleaning out and restocking your freezer, Cooking ahead and batch cooking are great ways to keep organised, but don’t let the weeks slip by!


What to do if I was in a big hurry and unwrapped while my Apiwrap was still frozen – and now it’s all cracked!

Head over to our blog post on reconditioning your Apiwraps! A quick warm over will have them back in shape in no time! That’s what I love so much about old-fashioned products like ours , they are completely repairable.

We have a quick video here on preparing your bread for the freezer. This loaf uses an XL Apiwrap. Available in our Apiwrap Set, as a single Apiwrap in our Celery Wrap, or as an unpackaged add on.

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