You’re Busy, And There’s A Better Way

The Apiwraps mission: To replace plastic wrap in every kitchen.
Plastic has been a feature of our kitchens for several generations now. The innovations of the post-war Fifties has grown up into an urgent hyper-convenience, busy lifestyle we lead in this new and different era. But now, as we overhaul everything we’ve ever accepted about information technology, fuel, transport and banking systems and space travel…. Can we take a quick look at our own kitchen cupboards?
The thing is folks, we’re each of us contributing to a hell of a problem out there, and while the innovators and creators and the system shakers are inspiring us all and creating change, we’re stubbornly carrying on like we’re too busy to be responsible for our own contribution.
It’s hard to find a way to ‘go zero waste’ when you forgot your shopping bags at home and have to juggle arms full of bananas and kale to your car, because you need to be on time to pick up the kids, get the dinner on, baths done and everybody into bed before the whole family’s collective fuse blows. I get it. We get it. But we’ve got to start with something. We have to make some small commitments to parts of our lives that WE can control. At the end of the day, you can’t necessarily call your favourite brands and demand that they start packaging their products in brown paper instead of plastic (well maybe you can, when you have five minutes to yourself one Sunday afternoon, but that’s a project of passion that requires some juggling of priorities).
What you can do though, and what will make a difference that you yourself can really control is waste that is generated completely in your own home, for your convenience and no body elses.
Yep, I’m talking plastic wrap. It’s not a necessity, but a convenience and I’m here to tell you, really and truly, there’s a better way.
I don’t need to proselytise too much on this band wagon, as the Western world hauls it’s self toward waking up to the pollution and waste drama it’s buried itself in… But the bi-products of the petroleum industry in your kitchen? On your food? In your children’s lunch boxes? Surely there’s a better way team. We know there’s a better way.

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