Beeswax Wrap Design by Lily Stevenson of ‘Love Always Lily’

Australian beeswax wraps design

Introducing our new fabulous Apiwraps beeswax wrap designs, Lily’s Farmyard from Love Always Lily!

An Introduction To Our Story…

Back when Apiwraps was operating out of my kitchen as a tiny cottage industry we had a team of high school girls coming after school to fold Apiwraps and pack envelopes. We ​would chat around the table. Around ten girls from year 10 and 11 would talk about their days, the friendships and fall outs, and dreams of the future.​ While I never would have formally called it mentoring, it’s part of the ethos of Apiwraps that we’re learning, growing and developing ourselves constantly. These girls we seeing me and Shelby my 2IC push ourselves, review processes, freak out a little and pull off incredible business growth.​ It was great fun!

a career is launched!

I knew​ from our conversations around the table​ Lily was going to be an artist when she grew up. She was planning to go to art school when she finished year 12​. I had never seen her work though. One evening at a school event Lily had her art cards, original paintings and prints on exhibition. They were gorgeous!​ We’d just finished a highly successful run of farmyard prints, and these were perfect for Apiwraps! We’d only just ordered our first run of custom prints, a massive step for the little business. On the spot I commissioned Lily to design a collection for us. Custom beeswax wrap designs are a great idea, but implementation is a trick!
Australian beeswax wraps design
Artist Lily Stevenson

The Beeswax Wraps Design process

Lily worked so hard on the drawings, teaming up with a professional textile designer to get the repeating artwork just right, problem solving, trying again. As a Steiner parent, I should mention that I believe her education at Linuwel School has served her very well indeed. Nothing was too hard and she coped superbly under creative pressure at only 16.
When I asked Lily about it she told me;

I found it to be such an interesting, fun, and challenging process! Not challenging with the designer, but with myself! I’ve always been into tiny detail and having to restrain from that was difficult at first. But I like a good challenge. It’s a fine line between too much detail and not enough. Once I got into the process and found a style to roll with, it all happened very quickly.​”

beeswax wrap art
Apiwraps beeswax wrap designs Love Always Lily

Going Pro

Another thing we worked on together was creating a professional logo with Apiwraps’ brand manager and designer. The ‘Love Always Lily’ theme had run across all of Lily’s work and created a great basis for establishing her as a freelancer and entity in her own right! The beautiful logo you see combined with ours on your Apiwraps is the result of that wonderful work thanks Dana! After talking through Lily’s vision for her work and career Dana put together the beautiful lettering that features on all of the Lily’s Farmyard designs. Distinctive, whimsical and sweet (just like Lily herself!). It’s spot on.
Apiwraps and Love Always Lily
Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps Collaboration

Australiana for Australians!

Our farmyard beeswax wrap designs are as authentically Australian as could be. They feature the kind of details that really speak to our local nostalgia: kookaburras on the fence posts, kangaroos in the paddocks and a wandering wombat. Along with cheeky rabbits in the veggie patch and plump brown hens!​ The farmhouses are classic Queenslanders. Sheep dogs lie under corrugated tin.
Australian Beeswax Wraps
Featuring authentic Australiana from Lily Stevenson

 We do hope you love the whimsy and naivety of our Love Always Lily collection – it’s been an absolute pleasure to put together for you. And for Lily, I’m certain that it’s the first little step in what will be a rewarding and wonderful career. When we asked her about how it feels to know that more than 10,000 homes will have her designs in their lunchboxes and fridges she said:

I still can’t quite believe it. I pull out an Api​w​rap from my kitchen draw and I see my logo and I see my designs, and I’m filled with so much joy and gratitude. I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity. Art is my true passion in life and to be given this platform to get my name out there is pretty incredible.“​

​We’re looking forward to seeing what she​’ll do next – you can follow her work over here. Lily is also a member of the MNTS Made community.

Apiwraps Premium Collection can be purchased with free shipping here, or at select giftware stores.

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beeswax wrap design
Apiwraps Zerowaste Lunchbox With Beeswax Wraps

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