Apiwraps Team - From Left: Kathrine, Shelby & Colleen
Apiwraps Team - From Left: Kathrine, Shelby & Colleen


Over the past eight years Apiwraps has helped over 200,000 homes get rid of cling wrap, saving more than 4 million metres of single use plastic wrap!

Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps are crafted in Australia from local NSW beeswax and GOTS Certified Organic cotton along with natural pine resin and organic coconut oil and packaged in hygienic recycled paper envelopes. Our warehouse is right here in NSW in the Hunter Valley, and our team of passionate working mums packs and sends off your order for you. We’ve grown from cottage industry to where we are organically and in alignment with our core values and this is part of everything we do.

We love using Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps, and I’m sure that you will too, which is why we offer a money back guarantee on all our products.

Our Vision

We look forward to seeing every piece of fruit and vegetable that comes into your home be eaten and enjoyed! No more food waste and kitchens free from harmful chemicals and suffocating plastics.  In short, our vision is to eliminate food waste and replace cling wrap in every kitchen.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide families with high quality beeswax wraps that keep their food fresh for longer, saving them from using plastics and from food waste. We’re meticulous with our Apiwraps production working to make sure that every Apiwrap that ships from our warehouse is as perfect as a natural product can be.

We work with only the highest quality materials, reducing waste at every point and ensuring that recycled and recyclable materials are used every step of the way. Introducing Apiwraps to your home is a step towards a lighter footprint. A lifestyle that embraces natural ways and avoids the mass-produced culture that threatens our very survival.

Apiwraps is a step towards the cottage-industry values that make life a little more meaningful, beautiful and ethical.


High Ethics, Transparency, Quality Materials, Made in Australia, Beautiful Products, Progressive Employer

Homes getting rid of plastic cling wrap
Metres of Single Use Cling Wrap Saved

Freyja’s STORY

I just hate seeing fresh veggies wilt in the fridge – or going slimy and spoiling – it’s devastating! I used to feel so wonderful about my big box of fresh organic veggies coming home from the farmers market on a Sunday, with not a bit of plastic in sight… By Wednesday the crisp fresh celery would be limp and by Friday the carrots would have dark patches… I felt like I was trying so hard to be a great mama, a great housekeeper – a great global citizen! … and it just wasn’t working.

From the moment I read about ‘oilskin food wraps’ in my Colonial Poetry unit at university, I was convinced that it was something important. Creating something our great-grandparents used was the answer to my personal dilemma of how to keep veggies fresh without plastic. Years of perfecting the formula has resulted in beeswax wraps that are thin and flexible, easy to seal and clean and are long-lasting.

I started making and selling beeswax wraps at the markets in Byron Bay as a little side product to my hand made Steiner toys, but soon Apiwraps took over everything and I’ve been on for the ride ever since. I moved to the Hunter Valley in 2015 and for the first few years, we worked out of our big old farm cottage making as much as we possibly could to keep up with demand! Shelby joined the team the following year making us a fully-fledged business, then in 2017, we made our move to the Antique Shop workshop where we started building machines and really scaling up! After only a few months we realised the space wasn’t going to be enough and we moved into a real warehouse and bought a forklift and really stepped up our game. Apiwraps is the leader of beeswax wrap innovation with bespoke machinery and we’re now making custom-designed beeswax wraps and white labelling! Our mission is to get rid of cling wrap from every kitchen and we pour our hearts and souls into it every day.

Freyja Tasci
Apiwraps Founder & Director