DESIGN ~ Andrea Smith’s Aussie Animals


I know you love designs and meeting our brilliant artists so I’m pretty sure you’ll be as over the moon as I am to see this new design we’re launching in June 2021.


Way, way back in 2016 when we had just moved out of my house and into the back of our local antique shop, we went out to lunch as a team. It was Shelby’s birthday. Shelby was the centre of our team, my first hire, and the bolts that kept me on track. I had bought a cookbook for her because she had always raved about how the dinner prep smells would be so good and so distracting while she was working in my house. The joys of small business startups!

This book that I had bought at Organic Feast was wrapped in some beautiful wrapping paper that I had bought there, a gorgeous print from Earth Greetings along with the matching card.

I was so in love with the wrapping paper, it was just so beautiful and of course I had already been thinking the very thought; as soon as I handed it to Shelby she exclaimed and said right away “we need this design on our Apiwraps!”.

Of course we did, and we poured over the fine print in the corner to see who the artist was and where we could find them.

Straight away I searched out Andrea‘s socials sent her a message to get in touch.

At that stage I had only made designs myself and though I was dreaming of all the potential, it was very early days and we were having textile supply dramas in every direction.

Ever courageous and perhaps a little foolish, I had my lawyer write up a licensing contract, sent it to Andrea and we started our project.

The Perfect Beeswax Wrap Design


The designs that Andrea drew up in draft were absolutely perfect. Oh that moment when you’ve hired someone to do a job and they deliver the most outrageously perfect work! It is just incredible. I love working with those people. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. Another one of them is our brand manager Dana, everything she sends me is so spot on I never even think about revisions. Happy sigh.

So, Andrea made some drafts that were perfect in every way and we had a contract ready and we were on our way into the sunset of product-design-happily-ever-after…

And then some wheels fell off on my side, and I didn’t follow up. Then when I did, Andrea’s wheels had fallen off and I recommended my favourite business book for when you’re inundated by all the things (Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz if you’re interested).

And the crazy thing is, that despite us both being so excited about the project, weeks went by, and then months went by… and I remember I sent some Apiwraps to Andrea at one point just to let her know that I was still there holding a candle for her… And then the craziest thing happened because I realised that it had actually been a year or two or actually three, and we never made our beautiful designs and I couldn’t believe it!

I was so happy for Andrea when her project for Spotlight was released. But at the same time, I was a little bit broken-hearted.


Our Lucky Break


It was shortly after this that I received a call from Aldi asking if our next project could feature Australian animals. Oh yes! You can imagine how quickly I was on the phone to Andrea.

I had a really short timeframe to get this ready so I was jumping from foot to foot hoping and praying and wishing that “please would Andrea have time in the little three week window I had available to finish those designs off and get the final work to me??? Oh please!”



Well. As you can see here she did have time. Aren’t we all just so happy for that!






These designs are the ant’s pants, the best thing ever, the ultimate Apiwrap that has been preoccupying my dreams for nearly ten years now.


This is what I imagined Apiwraps would look like when I was visualising the ultimate amazing outcome that could happen way back in 2012. This is my BHAG. This is my Everest.

I do hope you enjoy!




Apiwraps will be on sale for a very short window of time at ALDI stores around Australia on the 26th of June 2021. You can also get hold of Andrea’s designs through our subscription club in June and July 2021. They will be available as a regular line in October 2021 though all of the usual outlets.

Join the subscription club now to get yours!





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